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    Goodwill Manasota

    I met with Kelly and the Goodwill team, whom were kind enough to give me a tour of their new facilities, about creating a new experience visually and from a marketing standpoint. Our goal with the redesign was to brand Goodwill Manasota’s online presence to reflect a modern and trendy shop that is there for more than the less fortunate… its there for everyone.

    Goodwill Manasota’s new slogan is, “Reinvent Yourself” with the emphasis directed towards the younger consumer. The idea is to appeal to a larger audience, by carrying designer brands and creating a strong curiosity in consumers that desire higher level appeal.

    The new Goodwill Manasota website launches soon, so be sure to check in at for a brand new experience!

    Thank you,
    ABC 7 Digital Team

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