Performance Segment Form

Primary Performer Information

This guest will be the main contact person with the Suncoast View Team if there are more than one Performer in the group.

please write out names as you’d like them to appear on-screen

Performance Segment Information

(example: Band name, show title and theatre, etc.)
example: to encourage viewers to see our show, buy our album, etc.

Creative Assets Upload

If you need to provide the Suncoast View team with creative assets, such as video clip, music tracks logos, and photographs, please upload them in this section or provide direct links in the appropriate field.

ie. dropbox, google drive, youtube, vimeo links. One link per line please.
Please enter a url, if applicable.
(Please give detailed answers, not just sample questions)

Event Information

If applicable please specify the Date, Time, and location of the event you want to send viewers to.

After submitting the form, please wait for the on-screen confirmation of a successful transmission of the form, especially when you have uploaded files.

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