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With over 20 years of combined experience in web design and development, we can help you achieve the website you deserve. Our in-house developers will help you realize and fine-tune your brand on the web to maximize the highest potential for converting browsing customers, into real leads.



We first focus on how your branding is presented now, analyzing everything from your logos, the colors you are using, down to the font that you are using. At this point, we want to know what is working and what isn’t, so we can better plan what you need and how your website should look after we are done with it.

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After we know how the website should look, we follow best modern practices in web design, focus on Mobile Responsiveness, site speed, and on-page seo to fully maximize the potential of site visibility on search engines.

Already have a website? That’s great!

We can transfer all your content from your current site, into the new design.

Don’t Have a Website? No problem!

We can guide you step by step in order to help you submit your own content, so we can build you the website you’ve been waiting for.

Mobile Responsiveness

All of our design work revolves around mobile responsiveness. This term refers to how your website moves content and images to optimally fit on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Have you ever had to pinch and zoom just to read a website on your phone? Having a mobile responsive site eliminates that problem.

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This is especially important if you want a higher ranking with search engines such as Google. In 2016, Google announced that it will push website rankings down their search pages if it is not mobile responsive. Google, like all search engines are interested in giving people, not only relevant content, but relevant content that fits on all devices no matter what device they’re on.

Why Not Have a Separate Mobile Site with a different domain?

Having one mobile responsive site under one domain, consolidates traffic from users utilizing all devices, boosting the domain strength of that one domain, thus the potential for higher rankings for that one domain.

Having a domain for just desktop users and a separate domain for a mobile site, splits the user traffic, thus minimizing the domain strength of both domains.

The more traffic you can direct to one domain, the better.

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On Page SEO

Here at ABC7 Digital Media, one of the things we focus on is On-Page SEO. This is based on the content of the page. We make sure that every page on your website is optimized for a search engine to understand what is on that page and how relevant it is for the users looking at it. We do this as we finish building out your pages, so it doesn’t get missed.

All too often, other web developers will overlook this part of the work, thinking that search engines will eventually find the page and rank it accordingly. Here at ABC7, we don’t ever leave it to chance. That’s why we manually submit each and every page directly to Google to speed up when your pages get ranked.

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