Keyword Targeting

If you want to display your ads to anyone on a site that features your specified keywords within the content, Keyword Targeting is the best way to do that. Connect with your audience by what they are searching for and currently looking at. By targeting users who are searching for a particular product or service, you have the ability to reach them when they are in the researching stage where brand awareness is key to let them know what you do and how good you do it.

Audience Targeting

Want to display your ads to a specific type of audience? We can display your ads to all sorts of audiences! You have the ability to target age group, household income, moms, dads etc just to name a few. If you have an audience type in mind, we can put your ad in front of them.

Marketplace Targeting

Marketplace Targeting is one of the coolest ways to advertise. We can display your ads on specific types of site within a specific location to maximize your targeting ability to reach a specific audience. For example, just tell us “ Display my ads to anyone within a 20 mile radius of Sarasota, Fl, who go to a home improvement site.” Yes, it’s that simple.

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