Website Management

Website Management is one of our most important services here at ABC7 Digital Media. It is essential to maintain website health and relevancy in order to sustain healthy rankings from search engines.



Put Your Website on Cruise Control

We can provide you with different management options that will put your website on cruise control while you run your business; after all, your dream is your own business, not managing a website. Leave the website to us and our team will remain dedicated to content updates, website analytics, and site security allowing you to continue on with your business worry-free.

Content and Website Updates

Anytime you need to update your website with different content or changes, we can handle that for you. No need to wait weeks or days for us to see what you need.

With our Basecamp Project Management solution, you can immediately request changes to the website and have our team complete them in a timely manner. Things get done fast and efficiently with ABC7 Digital Media, so you can spend less time worrying about your website and more time with your business. If you have us design your website, your website will be built on the most popular content management system on the planet, Wordpress.

A Wordpress website is built upon plugins and customized themes that need to be regularly updated for the website to display and function properly. With ABC7, we regularly check your Wordpress version and make sure it will be compatible with newly updated plugins that your site was built upon. It is critically for you to have a team that can take care of this for you because updating software and code can be a daunting task if proper backup measures aren’t taken. After all, you don’t want to go in yourself and automatically update everything just to see that your website is no longer looking and functioning the way it should.

Website Analytics

Do you need to know how many people are visiting your site? Or where they are coming from? Or where they live? Having good analytics of your web traffic can be play a very important role in seeing how your business could improve.

We analyze this data for you using Google Analytics, and send a report to you each month, so you can stay on top of your website and prospective customers.

Site Security

On any website, site security should not be taken lightly and is something that we stress to all of our clients. You’ve invested in a great website that now needs protection and security measures in place.

All websites have the potential to be hacked, and although there is always a way for an intruder to gain access, there are important security measures and procedures we follow and execute to make sure we make it harder for them to gain access.

In an event that your website does gets hacked, we immediately clean out all the infected files and restore your website to the original state. We then contact Google directly and explain step by step on how we treated the problem. This is important because when your site gets hacked, Google marks your listing on its search results as “Site May Contained Hacked Content” thus stopping users from visiting the website. This is why it is important for Google to know the steps involved in clearing out the hacked content, so they can remove the “hacked content” designation.

Website Maintenance Packages

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